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Diary 8 – Online Booking System

Diary 8 Online Booking System The way you work is unique. The image your business presents is unique. To book your time online you need an online booking system which fits into your business, matches your brand identity and works as

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Reminder Texts & Confirmation Messages

Customers like a reminder text. Your customers are happy and you have fewer missed appointments. Keeping your customers informed with reminder texts reduces cancellations and forgotten appointments. Appointments confirmed by text and email help avoid confusion about dates and times.  A Gentle Reminder Text It

Online Booking Payment

Online Payments & Adaptive Price List

Online payment of appointments, an added convenience for your customers. Secure online payment with PayPal with prices matching appointments with the Diary 8 adaptive price list. Convenient Secure Online Payment Your customers will appreciate the convenience of paying for their

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Phones and Tablets

Turn your iPhone, iPad and Android Diary into an Online Booking System Use the diary you use every day as your online booking system. Diary 8 synchronises with your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Google Calendar so you can: Add Appointments

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Diary 8 on your Website

Make Your Diary Part of Your Website There are four ways to add online booking to your website from simple links to a fully embedded diary screen. They are all easy to add, the HTML is provided in your Diary

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Become a Reseller

Become a Diary 8 Reseller Trade and Professional Bodies, would your members benefit from online booking? Website designers, do you have customers who need a seamlessly integrated online booking system? Then you can become a Diary 8 reseller and earn

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