Our latest update brings 2 great new features to Diary 8.

  1. It turns your iPhone, iPad or Android diary into an online booking system.
  2. Adds a bookkeeping and accounting system.

Phones and Tablets

iPhone iPad android online booking diaryUsing the diary you use everyday on your iPhone, iPad or Android device you can add, update, book and delete appointments on your online booking system. When you book a customer into an appointment a confirmation email is sent by Diary 8 and a reminder text is scheduled to send automatically the day before the appointment. You can update your online booking diary even when you have no mobile signal.

Diary 8 synchronises to any diary app or computer diary that synchronises with Google Calendar so whatever you you use everyday there’s a good chance you can control your online booking system through it.

Transaction EntryAccounts

Diary 8 now has an accounting system for non VAT registered businesses. Payments taken online are automatically added to the accounts. There’s an improved prepayment system which is useful for gift vouchers or block bookings. When you enter cash payments you have the option of sending an email receipt to the customer.

You set up categories for income and expenses so you can see in reports where your income is coming from and where the money is going out.

You can see all of this in action by taking a 14 day free trial.

Update Adds Accounts and Mobile Diary Sync
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