Do you travel to your customers?

For professionals such as driving instructors, dog groomers, mobile hairdressers, mobile beauticians, music teachers, pet walkers and many more, managing travel time with online booking can be difficult. If you face this problem you’ll be familiar with those gaps between appointments that look too small to make the journey, then arriving at your next customer in a bad frame of mind from rushing around.

Diary 8 has always let you set up the area you work in and prevented bookings outside this area. This works well until your area is large and travelling from one end to another takes more time than you have between appointments. To make sure you have the time to travel we’ve added travel time checking to Diary 8.

Take a Time Check

When your customer books their appointment a check is made on the time it will take to travel from your previous and to your next appointment. Travel time is provided by Google Maps to ensure accuracy. If there’s not enough time to travel between appointments your customer will be asked to choose another appointment. Having a Diary 8 online booking system means you can work within an area and your travel times are kept under control.

Setting up Travel Time Check

Travel Time Check

To start travel time checking in your Diary 8 diary select a calendar in the diary menu buttons on the left of your screen. Select ‘Areas Covered’  set ‘Check Travel Time’ to ‘Yes’. Now all of your bookings will be checked against the travel time supplied by Google Maps.

Travel Break

If you need to schedule a break the break time can be blocked out of travel calculations to prevent appointments with a lot of travel time, that will use your break time, being booked. Travel breaks are set in the appointment details window.

Travel time calculations make sure you have enough travel time from now on.

Always Have Enough Travel Time
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