Appointment Details

Diary 8 Appointment WindowIn this How to Guide each element of the window with details of an appointment is explained. This window is displayed whenever an event is clicked or tapped. The contents will vary depending on the user, type of appointment and whether it’s booked or available.

Calendar Details

Calendar Information


The window header has the appointment date and time with information about the calendar. This information is taken from calendar settings and is added by clicking on the calendar in the menu and selecting Description.

Appointment Time

Change appointment time

Shows the appointment date, time and duration. Making any changes has immediate effect and updates synchronised diaries. Customers aren’t permitted to make changes to appointment times so you can maintain control of your diary.

Buffer Time

Diary 8 Buffer Time

Buffer time can be called whatever you wish, for example, clean up, travel time, admin. This is set in each individual calendar’s settings by clicking on the calendar in the menu and selecting Settings. You can change the name and default duration of the Buffer Time.

In diaries set to pre-scheduled appointments Buffer Time displays with each appointment in the diary views. In diaries set as Price List driven appointments Buffer Time is used to calculate availability after items have been selected from your price list.

In calendars set to calculate travel time between appointments, Buffer Time has no effect on the travel time calculations, use Travel Breaks instead.

Buffer time is useful when Diary 8 is used as an office based system booking multiple calendars. The calendar users can use buffer time to show booking staff time they might want reserved for an activity such as admin before starting the next appointment.

Travel Break

Diary 8 Travel Break

In calendars set up to check travel time between appointments this element will display. It allows you to assign a block of time as a break which will be excluded from travel time calculations. This prevents appointments with long travel times using time in the day, such as lunch breaks, for travelling. Locations used in the Choose a Location selector are the Areas Covered from the calendar’s settings.

Repeat Availability

Diary 8 Repeat Availability

An unbooked appointment can be repeated for a number of weeks. Repeating appointments are added every week at the same time. Each appointment is then treated individually, booking one appointment only books that appointment the remaining repeating appointment stay available for booking.

In synchronised diaries each appointment is synchronised individually and not treated as repeating in the Google Calendar. Adding repeating appointments on a mobile device in a synchronised calendar will not add repeating appointments in Diary 8 so are best avoided.

Delete Appointment

Diary 8 Delete Appointment

This button deletes the appointment. A confirmation message displays to stop accidental deletion.


Diary 8 Attendees Button

You can set the number of attendees an appointment has. The option to set the number disappears when the appointment is fully booked.

Clicking the grey button will show a list of attendees where you can further select full customer details, send text messages, see history and payments.

Appointment Description

Diary 8 Appointment Description

The description of the appointment will appear in either an editable text box or as non editable text. Any changes made to the description are updated immediately. Description text is publicly viewable in unbooked appointments.

Appointment URL

Diary 8 appointment URL

Copy and Paste this link in blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or anywhere where you want to direct customers directly to an event. Useful if you have an event to fill or an appointment that hasn’t booked which you want to promote. When a customer clicks on the link they are taken to your diary screen and the appointment opens up.

Booking Form

Diary 8 Booking FormYou customise the booking form in the Diary Settings.

Options include:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Notes
  • Custom Fields

Fields are checked and validated before booking and a booking button top and bottom means there’s always a button on screen when a larger form is scrolled up and down.



Payment List

Diary 8 Payment ListA list of the payment status of each appointment attendee in booked appointments. Payments made by card through PayPal will be automatically updated. Clicking the Make Payment button takes you to a transaction screen where a manual payment can be entered.

Text Messages

Diary 8 Text ListA list of the text messages sent for this appointment.

The status of the message is shown including delivered and failed delivery statuses. Before the appointment date you will have the option to stop reminder texts sending.



Appointment Details Explained
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