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Diary 8 Helps You Look After Your Data

For online booking and payment to be able to happen the diary has to run on a server somewhere so it can be accessed at any time from the internet, something we now refer to as the cloud. This, understandably, causes concern about data loss. Server installations are designed to be exceptionally reliable, however,  I’m not going to pretend that servers never have a problem and data never gets lost, although not as easily as losing a paper diary or dropping it in a puddle. For this reason Diary 8 has a few tricks to protect you from data loss. Here’s what we do and how you can use it.

email confirmation

Every booking sends you an email confirmation. We recommend keeping a copy of these mails. You could set a rule on your email to automatically file them so you don’t have a cluttered inbox.

.ics file

Confirmation emails have a .ics file. This is  a standard file that will add an appointment to your diary on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android device and almost any other computer diary. Simply add these to your calendar as they come in to keep a local calendar.

Calendar Feed

From your computer and mobile diaries you can subscribe to your calendar so you see bookings and availability from your regular diary. Each appointment has a link to the event in Diary 8 so you can go directly to it in your browser. Should you not be able to access the internet, or server, for any reason this calendar will still be in your diary.

Contact Details

Just like the .ics file, each new booking also sends a file for your contacts so you can add your customer details to your contacts.

While we look after servers and backups on our side, with a little bit of housekeeping you can have peace of mind with local copies of data.

Don’t Lose Your Diary
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