Online Booking System, Colin Martin Diary 8Our new online booking system is launched and we’d like your help in exchange for 6 months free use.

Diary 8 is an online booking system for any business that sells their time and wants to sell it online through their website. It’s a very flexible diary so you can also sell time for things as well as people such as restaurant tables and meeting rooms. You can choose whether to take payment for bookings by PayPal or accept them without online payment.

Diary 8 was developed based on our experience with Driving Instructor’s Diary, an online booking system for driving schools and instructors. We had a lot of interest from markets other than driving schools and other countries so we decided to build a new online booking system that anybody who sells their time as part of their business could use. Consequently, Diary 8 has a wide range of possibilities which is where we need your help.

Diary 8 Free for 6 Months

We would like to work closely with a variety of businesses to see how Diary 8 can be set up to work with them. We’ll give you 6 months free use of Diary 8 and help you set up your online booking. In return we would like to use your business as a case study to appear in blogs and on our website. We are especially interested in the hair and beauty professions, golf professionals, event and restaurant booking. These are the markets we have thought of but would like to hear from you whatever your business so we can establish the range of businesses suited to Diary 8.

We would also like to work with an FE college offering vocational courses in hair and beauty who would like to evaluate Diary 8 and have input into future development.

You can take a look and try Diary 8 free for 14 days. If you like what you see get in touch and help to continue evolving Diary 8 as the online booking system that fits your business.


Diary 8 Launched, Can You Help?
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