Make Your Diary Part of Your Website

Embedded diary screenThere are four ways to add online booking to your website from simple links to a fully embedded diary screen. They are all easy to add, the HTML is provided in your Diary 8 login. You can use all four methods of on your website as many times as you wish.

A Simple Link

This is a simple link that takes your customer to your diary page. Very useful to add to website text and blogs. Follow this link to a demonstration diary.

Diary Button

The button, like the simple link, takes your customer to your diary page. The HTML provided shows the Diary 8 button, with a small amount of HTML knowledge you can use any image as a button. Try the button below.

Diary Button

Embedded Diary

An embedded diary brings the diary screen right into your website. Customers can view availability, select, book and pay for lessons without leaving your website. They can also view your price list and, If you have booking from your price list set, they can choose items and search for appointments. All that’s required for an embedded diary is a line of HTML code which you find in your Diary 8 login.

An example of an embedded pre-scheduled diary in a web page can be found here.

An example of an embedded price list based diary can be found here.

Search Widget

If you visit customers and need to restrict bookings by area then you can add a Search Widget to your website. Diary 8 provides a Widget creation tool so you can style your widget to match the rest of your website. The search box below goes to a demonstration diary for a driving school. Try the post codes PO5 1XX, PO6 1XX and PO7 1XX to see how different instructors cover different areas.

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