Extended Free Trial with Accounts

Appointment Payment

We’ve added bookkeeping and accounts to Diary 8 and are making it available in Beta with an extended free trial. If you’re a non VAT registered businesses and would be happy to provide feedback on using the accounts in Beta we’re offering a months trial of Diary 8 online booking diary. The accounting can also be used to track performance of income against expenses for individual employees or resources in a larger business.

Accounting for Sales

Online card payments for appointments are automatically added to your accounts from the diary complete with merchant fees to save you time entering the transactions. You can add cash payments from the appointment in your diary without having to go to separate accounts system screens.

One Form Transaction Entry

Expenses and sales not directTransaction Entryly associated with an appointment are entered through a single transaction form. You set as many categories for payments and expenses as you need assigning each transaction to a category.

Regular Transactions

Regular transactions are set up on the Transaction Entry Form. These can be either sales or purchase you choose how many transactions are entered and the frequency they occur.


Do you take up front prepayments from customers for a block booking or course of appointments. Prepayments with their associated hours are entered on the Transaction Entry Form and your customer pays for appointments using the time they’ve bought as a prepayment.


You can report on any selected date range seeing sales and expenses sorted and totalled by categories. There’s a range of reports to keep track of your businesses performance. Every report can be downloaded as a CSV file to use in spreadsheets and other applications, or simply to keep a back up.

1 Month Free Trial with Accounts

If you’d like to get a sneak preview of the accounts take a free trial of Diary 8 before 31st December 2014 and contact us through the onscreen help form. We’ll turn on Beta accounts and extend your trial from 14 days to 1 month. We would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions in return.

Your Diary Linked to Accounts
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