Online payment of appointments, an added convenience for your customers.

Secure online payment with PayPal with prices matching appointments with the Diary 8 adaptive price list.

Convenient Secure Online Payment

Online Payment

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of paying for their appointment with secure online payment. When a customers pays before an appointment you know they are committed and less likely to cancel. Payment is through PayPal and, like a lot of other features in Diary 8, you can choose to turn online payment on or off.

Adaptive Price List Matches Price to Appointment

Online Payment and Adaptive Price ListCustomers pay the correct price for an appointment with the Diary 8 adaptive price list. You set up your price list with each item being assigned the length of time it takes to deliver. In prescheduled diaries this ensure your customers pay the correct amount for the length of appointment booked.

Where the length of the appointment depends on the items chosen from the price list, a shopping basket is kept for each appointment. A record of the shopping basket contents is attached to each appointment so you know the services your customer ordered. Each person in your business can have a separate price list to reflect varying skill levels and services delivered.


Self Employed or Contractors Paid Direct

When people delivering services for your business are contractors or self employed, collecting money from customers on their behalf can be difficult to account for and create extra admin. With Diary 8 each persons online payments can be paid directly into their own PayPal account saving you time and admin.


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