Customers like a reminder text.

Your customers are happy and you have fewer missed appointments.

Keeping your customers informed with reminder texts reduces cancellations and forgotten appointments. Appointments confirmed by text and email help avoid confusion about dates and times. 

A Gentle Reminder Text

It can be frustrating when a customer misses an appointment because they forget about it. Or if they forget to inform you they can’t make it because they’re too busy. A reminder text the day before helps customers remember their booking. It also shows less forgetful customers you care about them as a customer by taking the time to remind them.

Diary 8 automatically sends reminder texts for you. The messages are tracked so you know they have been sent and delivered.

Confirmation Avoids Confusion

Text Confirmation of an online bookingAn email and text message confirming a booking helps your customers avoid confusion over dates and times. They will probably keep the messages on their phone as a reminder, smartphone users can usually click a link in the text, or email, to add the appointment to their diary.

Each booking either from your website, or when you enter it yourself, sends a confirmation email and text message at the time of booking. The day before the appointment a confirmation text message is sent which helps cut down last minute cancellations and forgotten appointments.

Send a Text

Send SMS text messages as well as text reminders from Diary 8Do you find it difficult to send customers text messages from your business? Do you need to use personal phones? With Diary 8 you can send a text message from your online diary keeping everything within the business. Diary 8 keeps a record of your messages with the message status so you can see if the message was delivered successfully.


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