How to Synchronise Your Diary 8 Calendars

In this How to Guide we show you how to synchronise calendars in your Diary 8 online booking diary with other diaries such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Google Calendar.

1) Start Sync

Click on the calendar you want to synchronise in the menu on the left of the screen. In the Calendar Settings window click the synchronise button.

Diary iPad iPhone Android sync

2) Authorise Google Calendar

You will be taken to Google and asked to allow Diary 8 to share information with your Google Calendar, if you don’t have a Google login you will be given the opportunity to create one.Google Authorisation screen


3) Confirmation and Help Screen

When authorisation is complete you will see the Diary 8 confirmation and help screen. At this point Diary 8 has created a new calendar in your Google Calendar called ‘yournameforappointments Booking’. Diary 8 will only use this calendar and will now begin filling it with your appointments. If you have a lot of appointments already in Diary 8, updating the GoogleCalendar will take a bit of time.

Now you need to synchronise your mobile device with Google Calendar, the help screen gives you some tips.Diary Sync help screen

You should now be able to use Diary 8 from your mobile calendar.

4) Testing the link

If the synch isn’t working open both your Diary 8 diary and Google Calendar in your browser. Follow this sequence:

  • Add an appointment in Diary 8, does it come through to the Google Calendar? A screen refresh may be required.
  • Add an appointment in Google Calendar on the newly created bookings calendar, does it come through to Diary 8? A screen refresh will be required.
  • Change an appointment time in Diary 8 and see if the changes are reflected in Google Calendar.
  • Change an appointment time in Google Calendar and see if the changes are reflected in Diary 8.

If this is working and your mobile device isn’t reflecting the changes in the Google Calendar you will need to investigate the link from your device to Google.

If the Diary 8 to Google Calendar sync isn’t working then go back to the Diary 8 calendar, cancel the synchronising using the button in the Calendar Settings. Then delete the new booking calendar in Google Calendar and synchronise again.

Synchronising Mobile Diaries with Diary 8
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