Update Improves Mobile Diary 8

iPhone online booking diaryThe latest update to Diary 8 online booking diary has added some nice new features that will help increase your online bookings. Most of the work has gone into making Diary 8 mobile friendly along with some additions that were left behind at the original launch.

Responsive Screens

When your diary is visited by an iPhone or Android phone the screen responds with a layout for the smaller screen. Big shapes and buttons which are easier for fingers to tap. Easy to read text. Your customers are more likely to book appointments.

On iPads the familiar diary from the desktop has larger buttons and text to make it easier to use on a tablet.

Read more about responsive screens.

Diary Links

Link your daily diary in your computer, tablet or phone to Diary 8. You can see all your availability and appointments alongside the rest of your schedule. iPhone, iPad, Android, Google, Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook can all link to your online booking system. Read more.

Embedded in your Website

Now you can have your diary right in the middle of your website. Embedding allows you to add diary screens direct into your website so your customers can book appointments while staying on your site. See a demonstration of an embedded diary.


View and print reports to show your bookings for a set of dates. A report showing all of your appointment payments including merchant fees means you can use Diary 8 to track your sales.

Customisable Booking Form

Make sure you have the information you need from customers. Choose what appears on the booking form, address, notes, company name. Add custom fields, either plain text, a selector or tick box list. The information collected remains on your customer record.

14 Day Free Trial

Take a 14 day free trial to see the new features.


Update Improves Online Booking on Mobiles
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