Linking to Mobile and Desktop Diaries

Having just updated Diary 8 we’ve added an event URL to the diary link, so you can go direct to the appointment in Diary 8 from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Google Calendar or computer diary; I thought you might like some tips to help with using the link.

Using the Appointment Link

In your Diary 8 login go to the ‘Phones, Tablets, Diaries’ section for a calendar and follow the instructions to subscribe to your Diary 8 calendar.

From the diary you use every day click the link in the appointment.

Link in Diary

Computer diary with Diary 8 appointment link

Diary 8 will go directly top the appointment in your Diary 8 diary.

Online Booking Diary Appointment Details

Appointment details in Diary 8

The link works best if you’ve tick the ‘Stay Logged in’ box when you log into Diary 8.

To see changes in your  iPhone, iPad, Android device, Google Calendar or computer diary immediately you may need to refresh the calendar.

There’s no limit to the number of diaries you link to so the diary link makes it easy to keep track of your online bookings from the diaries you use every day.

Using the Mobile and Desktop Diary Link
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